Valeria’s family is familiar with struggling to resolve problems. Valeria received her first heart operation as a baby, and her parents were informed that the child would need additional surgery when she reached the age of five to treat her Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA).

Valeria’s condition evolved as expected. The first surgery mitigated her condition to the extent possible but, as she grew, she could not perform physical tasks and play at the same rate as other children. Walking up stairs, for example, was always a challenge. The doctor’s advice clearly needed to be followed.

Valeria’s parents had done all they could to prepare for this challenge. Yet their situation had changed. Valeria’s father, a policeman, was transferred to a city seven hours away. Valeria, her mother and her baby brother moved in with the grandmother to save money and be near the heart specialists the child needed.

Nonetheless, the prospect of covering the costs of heart surgery was overwhelming. Undaunted, Valeria’s mother sought assistance. With the help of Solidarity Bridge, Dharma Social Projects and the hospital in Bolivia, Valeria has moved forward in what can now be a long and healthy life.

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