Santiago Sanchez

This 3 year old boy was born with an electrical deficiency in his heart that makes it imperative that he have a permanent pacemaker implanted. When he was born, his heart beat was 60, but before the implantation it was a scant 40. Santiago's parents were students when he was born, but the costs of caring for him meant abandoning their studies and in the case of his 22 year old mother, Cintia, going to work at a waitress in a restaurant. She makes about $95 a month. Santiago's father, Boris, is 24 and virtually abandoned the family. Santiago lives at his grandparent's home with 2 aunts and a cousin in a modest house.

Cintia was very distraught, crying loudly, as she shared about Santiago‚Äôs situation: "La verdad yo no se que hacer porque no cuento con dinero para pagar los costos del marcapaso y el implante que requiere mi hijito. Este tiempo ha sido duro ya que permanentemente estaba delicado y los costos médicos son caros. Yo estoy desesperada y le pido a Dios todos los días que se apiade de mi hijito y pueda conseguir ayuda para salvarle la vida. No me resigno a perderlo, si pasa algo no se lo que voy hacer."

"The truth is that I do not know what to do because I do not have the money to pay for the costs of the pacemaker and the implantation required by my small son. This time has been very difficult since he has permanently been delicate in health and the health costs of caring for him have been high. I am desperate and ask God every day to have mercy on my little son and to be able to receive the help to save his life. I do not resign myself to lose him and if something happens to him I do not know what I would do."

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