Samir’s parents Maxi and Lourdes have both been blind since birth. The couple makes a living working on the streets. Maxi sings and plays an instrument, while Lourdes sells small desserts with help from her daughter, Sara. Their meager income can cover only the most basic essentials for the family. In spite of these hardships, Maxi and Lourdes take good care of their children.

When Maxi and Lourdes learned that Samir would need heart surgery to repair a restricted aortic valve, they went to the offices of Puente de Solidaridad in Cochabamba for assistance. Samir was able to undergo surgery through the charitable support of the Goff Gift Fund and with the assistance of Bolivian partner surgeon, Dr. Carlos Brockmann. All of those who worked together to make this surgery possible, were touched by the example of Samir’s parents Maxi and Lourdes who regularly overcome so many obstacles to provide the greatest possible care for their children.

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