Nicolas Figueroa

Nicolas, was a 1 month old baby, with a very difficult congenital heart problem. He came from the city of Tarija with hopes that she could receive the operation that could save his life. His diagnosis was cianotic congenital cardiopathy from severe Tetralogy of Fallot. This means is that he had a hole between the two bottom chambers, the ventricles, of the heart permitting oxygen-poor blood from the right ventricle to mix with oxygen-rich blood from the left ventricle. He also had a narrowing of the outlet to the pulmonary artery area with an abnormal pulmonary valve impeding blood flow from the right ventricle to the lungs, a thickening and enlargement of the muscle of the right ventricle, in addition to an aortic problem. In sum, this baby had great problems that would have caused his death. Unfortunately, the structural problems of the heart were too great to overcome and he died in the operation on July 16th of 2008. This surgery was made possible through the financial support of Dharma Trading Co.

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