Elizabeth, 24, and Adolfo, 25, live in a simple adobe home in El Alto, Bolivia, with their seven-year-old and almost four-year-old sons. Their youngest had been diagnosed with a congenital heart malformation, but the family was unable to afford the surgery until they heard about the opportunity in Santa Cruz for minimally invasive treatment via cardiac catheterization. Despite her fears of traveling alone to an unknown city and submitting her son to surgery, buoyed by her husband’s confidence and faith, Elizabeth found the courage to make the trip. In addition to being the “heavy lifter” at work as a furniture mover, Adolfo is also the emotionally strong one at home. As Elizabeth explains: In the beginning I didn’t want my son to be operated because I was afraid something bad would happen to him, but my husband encouraged me. He said that our life is not our won; if it is God’s will, everything will be OK. He is very positive.

The intervention went well, and Elizabeth’s relief overwhelmed her when she reunited with Neymar in the recovery room: All that’s left is to thank you all. May God bless you a whole bunch, and thank you to everyone who is helping us and please keep doing it because there must be more children who need your help.

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