In 2015, when Naysha was just six months old, her parents, Teodosia and Marcos, took her to see the doctor in Santa Cruz for a fever. During this visit the doctor discovered a potential heart problem and referred the family to a cardiologist who confirmed a diagnosis of ventrical septal defect, VSD. Marcos worked as a bricklayer to support his wife and daughter as well as his elderly grandfather. Considering the family’s significant financial constraints, the family was introduced to the Solidarity Bridge Children’s Heart Program for help. Through the support of the program’s donors, Isaac and Renee Goff, Naysha was able to undergo surgery to patch the defect in her heart wall. Naysha was discharged from the hospital after eight days and Teodosia and Marcos were overjoyed to see her health improve.

In late 2017, however, Naysha’s fevers returned. Cardiologists said a second surgery was necessary to correct an obstruction (pulmonary stenosis) in the child’s heart. Teodosia shared with the Solidarity Bridge social worker:

“We are suffering. This is our only daughter and we do not want anything bad to happen to her. We do not have the resources to make this operation possible. That is why we are asking for your help again. We are very grateful for your help with our little one.”

On May 23, Drs. Barrientos and Pacheco at the Incor Hospital in Santa Cruz performed Naysha’s corrective surgery. She was sent home from the hospital just five days later. Her health is delicate but she is expected to make a complete recovery. She will require long-term follow-up and evaluation, but she is fortunate for the incredible care of her parents, her doctors, and the generous donors who help to keep her little heart beating.

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