Max was born with multiple heart problems that required expert medical attention. Luckily, he has a family that cares deeply. This economically disadvantaged family lives with Max’s grandfather. His grandmother, who found work only by traveling away from home, loyally provides the financial support that she can from afar.

Max’s delicate condition was manifested by extreme shortness of breath caused by the absence of the tricuspid valve in the child, a condition known as tricuspid atresia. As a result, Max’s heart could not oxygenate the rest of his little body. The family sought the care that the child needed. Solidarity Bridge and its partners in Santa Cruz were able to provide a surgery to connect the superior vena cava to the right pulmonary artery. The child’s recovery is now a reality.

Max’s parents were eloquent in their thanks to Solidarity Bridge and Dharma Social Projects. They understand teamwork and know that life thrives when hard work is transformed into generosity.

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