Birth: Karawang, 7 January 1998

Family: Marni is the first of 3 siblings. Two of her younger siblings still attend school (3rd grade and preschool). Her parents graduated from Elementary School.

Education: Marni is in the 6th Grade. She is an active and responsible person. While she is at home, she always helps her mother. She has an average score of 63.5 out of 100 in 10 subjects. She joins the Girl Scout once of week. She loves swim together with her sibling every holiday. She aspires to be a doctor in the future.

Living Conditions/Situation: Marni's family lives in scavengers' area. The location is crowded and dirty. Her dad's employer provides the area and it is free of charge. The house is very simple, with a ground floor; walls made out of ply wood and roof made out of asbestos. Their clean water source comes from a ground well powered by an electric pump. They borrowed their electricity from their neighbor, but as her parents cannot afford to pays for electricity, her grandmother pays instead.

Economic Situation: Marni's father work as a scavenger, searching though piels of trash for items that could be sold. Her mother is a house wife. The family’s average earning is approximately 550,000 IDR (55 USD) per month.

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