Lucas underwent his first heart surgery when he was just two months old. Dr. Barrientos at the Incor hospital performed an emergency Blalock surgery when the baby was experiencing seizures from lack of oxygen. Lucas’s mother, Daniela, was just seventeen when Lucas was born. She cared for him through a separation with Lucas’s father and the birth of two more children.

Two years ago, Lucas began to demonstrate signs of further heart troubles. He would tire easily and have blue skin, lips, and nails, due to a deficit of oxygen. Daniela took Lucas to the doctor regularly and they eventually determined a second heart surgery was necessary. She returned to Puente de Solidaridad for help, as they had assisted with Lucas’s first surgery.

On September 4, Dr. Barrientos performed a Glenn procedure to address Lucas’s tricuspid atresia. He operated along with a U.S. surgeon from the Texas Children’s Hospital as part of a weeklong surgical mission at the Incor Hospital. Daniela received emotional support and accompaniment from the Puente de Solidaridad team, financial support from the Goff Gift Fund, and specialized care from the Bolivian and U.S. heart surgeons. Daniela expressed her gratitude for the generosity of many people working together across two continents who made this surgery possible for her son.

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