During her first year of her life, Julie was plagued with colds, high fevers, irritability when breastfeeding, low weight and stunted growth. She had difficulty breathing when she cried and experienced continuous perspiration. She was hospitalized multiple times in response to these troubling symptoms.

Julie is the only child of Jonathan and Ximena. As first-time parents, they were distressed when doctors gave them the heartbreaking news that their infant daughter suffered from a congenital heart condition that would require surgery. With limited financial resources, doctors referred them to Puente de Solidaridad for help.

Ximena said, My husband is a temporary worker at the bookstore. His earnings only cover our most urgent needs. I ask that we can work together so that my little girl can have surgery and improve her health.

Through the generosity of donors Isaac and Rene Goff and the skill of Bolivian partner surgeons, Julie was able to undergo corrective surgery to close a hole in her heart. Less than a week later, she was released from the hospital and into the care of her loving parents. Jonathan and Ximena are relieved to be able to begin a new life with their beautiful baby girl.

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