Henry is the oldest of three brothers who live with their parents, grandmother, and other extended-family in a humble neighborhood outside Santa Cruz. Henry is in his last year of high school, and in addition to school, until recently his life had revolved mostly around soccer. However, in April 2018, Henry suffered a heart attack. He was diagnosed with a rare abnormality of the electrical communications in his heart. Henry was forced to give up his prized spot on one of the city’s most prestigious league soccer teams. His parents desperately wanted to restore his health and keep him safe, but could not afford the cardiac ablation treatment he needed. Both parents work – his father as a pharmacy assistant and his mother as an accounting assistant – but cardiac ablation is only available in Santa Cruz at expensive private hospitals.

The family traveled to Santa Cruz and met pediatric cardiology specialist, Dr. PaThe family was referred to the Solidarity Bridge/ Puente de Solidaridad Heart Program, through which they qualified for assistance and reduced hospital rates, making Henry’s treatment accessible. Dr. Velarde performed Henry’s ablation treatment on October 5, 2018 at the Incor Hospital. Henry is now back at school, and gradually returning to his beloved soccer.

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