Fiorella is the youngest daughter of Benedicto and Lililana. At seven months old, Fiorella became very sick with pneumonia and was hospitalized. During routine tests, doctors found several concerning heart complications. Upon receiving this news, Fiorella’s parents became very worried. Liliana says, “As parents we felt that the world was falling. We consulted with the Belga Hospital and they told us Fiorella would need surgery, but the cost was impossible for us. Since then, we took great care so that she didn’t catch a cold.” In spite of these efforts, within the last year, Fiorella became sick again.

While Benedicto was away in La Paz working as a welder to support the family, Liliana took Fiorella to Santa Cruz where, she was told, there was more support for children with heart problems. Doctors at the Incor Hospital informed Liliana of an upcoming heart surgery mission with U.S. surgeons. A social worker from Puente de Solidaridad interviewed Liliana and suggested Fiorella be included among the patients operated during the mission week.

On September 3, Fiorella received surgery to correct persistent ductus arteriosus (PDA). Surgeons also performed a balloon angioplasty to correct aortic coartation. This surgery was made possible through a partnership between the Incor Hospital, the Texas Children’s Hospital, Puente de Solidaridad, and financial support from the Goff Gift Fund. Liliana said, "For us, the help is really important. We are very grateful for all the efforts and support they are providing us."

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