Edison’s parents struggled for years with concerns for their son’s heart health. They knew he was sick but couldn’t afford the surgery needed to correct the ventrical septal defect in his heart. Edison is the second of four brothers, all of whom depend on their father’s income as a bricklayer in rural Bolivia for their living expenses. When ten-year-old Edison became extremely ill, his parents took him to the nearest city for help. Doctors realized the gravity of Edison’s situation and advised an immediate surgical intervention.

As Edison’s parents were desperately searching for a means to save the life of their son, they were hopeful to learn about the work of Solidarity Bridge. Social workers from the Solidarity Bridge team in Cochabamba listened to the family’s story and agreed to work with them to make the surgery possible. Through the family’s fundraising efforts and the generous support of Dharma Social Programs, Edison received the corrective heart surgery he had been waiting for. Just a week after surgery, he returned home to his family. Edison’s parents and three brothers are eternally grateful for his safe return just in time for Christmas!

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