Daniel R S

Birth: Tangerang, 11 January 2000

Family: Daniel is the first-born in his family. Two of his younger siblings still attend school (2nd Grade and Preschool). His dad graduated from Junior High School and his mom graduated from Senior High School. Daniel's dad suffers from frequent headache, while Daniel's mom suffers from skin irritation. The four children are, however, in good health.

Education: Daniel is in the 5th Grade. He enthusiastically repeats what he learns in school everyday. He wants to join the army in the future. He joins the Boy Scout and soccer club in his school. He has a good body posture and energy.

Living Conditions/Situation: The family rents a house in a crowded and dirty area. It has 3 rooms, including a living room, a bedroom and a kitchen. The rent costs the family 400,000 IDR (40 USD) per month (electricity included).

Economic Situation: His dad works as a local bus conductor with an average earning of 12,000 IDR (1.20 USD) per day. His mom works as a maid or a food trader. However, they may not be employed everyday. The family's average earning is approximately 900,000 IDR (90 USD) per month.

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