Christian is the youngest of four boys being raised by a single mom. The entire family lives in a single room and shares a bathroom with neighbors. Christian likes to play with his brothers and friends, but his youth has been marred by not being able to keep up. He gets tired easily and suffers high blood pressure. His mother, a food vendor with a tiny storefront, sought medical attention for her son.

Medical tests showed that Christian’s heart suffered aortic narrowing, a congenital condition. Patients with this type of heart disease have difficulties with the circulation of blood. The left ventricle works at a much higher pressure to force the delivery of blood to the lower part of the body. This condition is very dangerous, and a month prior to surgery Christian could not carry out even basic daily activities.

Christian’s mother turned to Puente de Solidaridad (Solidarity Bridge partner). With the support Dharma Social Projects, Christian was operated on by one of the top heart specialists in Bolivia. His future is now a bright one.

Christian’s mother thanks his supporters: I had felt so impotent. I did not know where to turn. But now I have hope that my son can have a good life --- and I sincerely hope that you will continue to support others who have this same need. Thank you!

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