Alex Pilco

Alex is a 7 month old baby who was born with a congenital heart defect. When the father found out he abandoned the mother and she and her parents have been battling to save the childs life. They live in a very poor dwelling that just recently got water via a spigot in their yard. They do not have electricity or sewer. The household has an income of 500 bolivianos a month - about $65. "Ya no se quehacer para salvar la vida de mi hijito, nosotros somos pobres no tenemos recursos y su papá cuando supo que tenia el problema del corazón me dijo que lo dejara y que debía conformarme si se muere, yo no puedo quedarme esperando que esto pase, es por eso que estoy pidiendo ayuda a ustedes y se que Dios no nos va abandonar".

Alex's mother tells us:

"I do not know what to do to save the life of my little boy. We are poor and have few resources and when his father found out about the heart problem he told me to let him go and be resigned to his death. I cannot remain waiting for this to happen and it is because of this that I am asking for help and know that God will not abandon us."

Alex was successfully operated on March 24.This surgery was made possible through the financial support of Dharma Trading Co.

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