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"Helping others help themselves"

The owners of Dharma feel an obligation to help those less fortunate. Life is unfair. Some have much, others little. We believe in "Social Entrepreneurship", which for us means "helping others help themselves". We also like the idea of giving children a fair chance at a full life. The projects below are what we have been and are doing along those lines. It is the efforts of the Staff at Dharma and the support of our customers that makes these projects possible.

Latest News:

Donated Heart/Lung machine finally arrives

Last year Dharma purchased a Heart/Lung machine for donation to the Children's Open Heart Surgery program we are helping to establish at the public hospital in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. The machine has been stuck in customs all these months but has finally been released.
This machine will help us reach the goal of performing as many as 50 surgeries each year which translates into 50 little lives saved or improved.
Good times!