Carolay Medina

Carolay is a 4 year old girl, the middle child of 3. Her father, Gonzalo Medina is 31 and he works as a clerk in a cellular phone store. He makes $150/month. The mother, Zaida, is 29 and takes care of the children at home. Carolay's older brother Jamil, is 7 years old and her younger sister Estefani is 1 and a half years old.

Carolay was born with very serious heart defects. She had two blood outlets in one of her ventricles and the transposition of her arteries. These problems have caused her to have symptoms such as the inability to run or play hard. She lacks oxygen and becomes agitated after the least effort.

The mother tells our social worker: "We subsist on my husband's salary, which is little. We cannot rely on help from other family members – they are all in the same poor circumstances as ourselves. We suffer much because we see that our dear little daughter is worse and can do nothing for her because of our lack of Money. I ask you to please help to save the life of my little daughter. We have put her life in God's hands."

"Nosotros dependemos del sueldo de mi esposo que es poco. No tenemos ayuda de ningún familiar porque todos están en nuestra situación. Estamos sufriendo mucho porque vemos que mi hijita esta peor, pero no podemos hacer nada debido a que no tenemos dinero. Yo les pido por favor nos ayuden para salvar la vida a nuestra hijita. Nosotros hemos puesto en las manos de Dios la vida de nuestra niña".

Carolay was operated in May and is recovering from what was a very difficult surgery. This surgery was made possible through the financial support of Dharma Trading Company. She should be well and able to have a healthy life.